Sketches Of Carmel by Lisa Bryan

Sketches of Carmel is a publishing company set in the heart of Carmel by-the-Sea California where local artist Lisa Bryan has painted and captured the local history and beauty of the area through picturesque paintings, books, maps and puzzles!

This unique portrayal by a local artist of 45 years allows visitors and locals alike to be captivated through the artwork that so wonderfully displays the magic of this little town.  Along these pages you will also see information about the Artist, and an inside look into commission paintings that Lisa has completed of homes, wineries and animals many of which were sold to celebrities such as James Arness, Kim Novak, Clint Eastwood, Linda Evans, Doris Day among many others.

Lisa has captured the essence of Carmel’s character entirely with her paintings using both watercolors and oils. Her paintings, books, maps, note cards and jigsaw puzzles capture the narrative of what charms many into smile-inducing moments through these artistic creations that faithfully describe the village in all its intricate detail.


Carmel By-The-Sea Treasure Map

Carmel Map


Carmel Map Side 2