Lisa Bryan began her venture Wildreach in 1993 when she began producing a village guide to actually and artistically reflect the “Bohemian” character of Carmel-by-the-Sea – which became the book “Sketches of Carmel” in 1997. It includes a brief history with paintings, journal pages, post cards and seven large fold-out maps of downtown Carmel- an original format, illustrating each building in watercolor. Following this came a variety of complex folding map/posters. Beginning in 2009 began the original series known as a fresh new concept of a way to portray Carmel-by-the-Sea – the “Carmel Treasure Map” – a pictorial guide which can be framed and is a souvenir to keep.

Two artistic publications followed – Calendar books and a Carmel Centennial Puzzle each with colorful, illustrated history notes.

The potential Treasure Map of Old Monterey, Cannery Row, Fisherman’s Wharf and The Marine Sanctuary (to be featured showing under water and above water sea life) will be a large oil painting to become a pictorial guide and a gift amenity from the community for the enjoyment of millions of visitors who come to escape city turmoil to lose themselves in this very colorful place of many interests and activities surrounded by Nature’s forests, animals and the implacable, generous sea.