Pet Portraits By Lisa Bryan

Fine artist specializing in painting dogs, horses and homes.
Medium – oils and watercolors in the traditional style.

For centuries gentlemen, farmers, huntsmen and squires have commissioned artists to paint their hound, horses, farm stock and pets. Whether the piece be a simple primitive caricature or a realistic rendering of a favored animal it has special meaning and value. Animal paintings and pet portraits have a tradition, are extremely popular and lend a comfortable ambiance and quality to a room. Photographs are super, paintings are heirlooms.

Lisa had been painting all of her life and her first subjects of interest were horses and dogs. Her paintings are powerful and sensitive and portray a stunning likeness. Few artists are able to ‘read’ the eyes of her subjects which she paints with candor and effect. Envision a painting of your pet or pets in your home in his favourite spot (or yours), in the garden or alone in a formal composition. Lisa can include in the backgound your home, horse, or special item of personal interest.